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We are the vibrant rhythm.

We are an explosion of colorful costumes and captivating choreography.

We are Samba St. Olof

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Samba S:t Olof from Sigtuna, Sweden

Samba enhances the mood with its lively percussion rhythms and the dancers' colors and glitter.

Our samba crew consists of youngsters between 12 and 24 years old and we are experts spreading joy and energy!

If you are looking for a different kind of entertainment for your venue, party, anniversary or your company’s event, get in touch with Samba S:t Olof.

We are happy to answer your questions or make a reservation for you.

About us

Our Samba association is based in Sigtuna, Sweden. And our group consists of youngsters between 12 and 24 years old.

Samba S: t Olof includes both dancers and percussion, which is appreciated both in Sweden and abroad.

Samba S:t Olofs has done over 500 performances.

Samba S:t Olof started back in 1985 out of a work study on South America which resulted in a parade along Sigtuna’s town. The carnival was extremely appreciated by the Sigtuna’s residents and since then, the association has grown and continued to develop successfully.

Pelle Nordlander is today the association’s Chairman and the Board consists of both parents and youngsters’ representatives.

Here some of our upcoming performances: Stockholm Marathon, Half marathon, Tjejmilen and Midnattsloppet.

We are Sweden’s most travelled Samba group having performed in the following carnivals and samba festivals abroad:

2022  Ö-sjöfesten, Karlshamn

2019  Ö-sjöfesten, Karlshamn

2018  Bremen, Germany
2016  Dinge les Bains, France
2015  Coburg, Germany
2015  Aalborg, Denmark
2014  Drogheda, Ireland
2013  Dinge les Bains, France
2012  Bremen, Germany
2012  Aalborg, Denmark
2011  Bremen, Germany
2010  Hamburg, Germany
2009  Bremen, Germany
2008  Berlin, Germany
2007  Menton, France

2006 Bremen, Germany
2006 Sitges, Spain
2003 Senj, Croatia
2002 Aalborg, Denmark
2001 Aalborg, Denmark
2001 Gozo, Malta

1999  Yutz, France
1999  Rijeka, Croatia
1998  Rijeka, Croatia
1997  Aalborg, Denmark
1997  Corrientes, Argentina
1996  Viareggio, Italy
1996  Nice, France
1995  San Francisco, USA
1993  Puerto Rico, Västindien
1992  Bryssel/Halle, Belgium
1991   Paris/Les Lilas, France
1992  Santa Cruz de Tenerife,             Canary Island 
1990  Köpenhamn, Denmark
1989  London, England


Our dancers are an explosion of colorful costumes and a captivating choreography. We deliver in all kinds of weather and spread joy and energy wherever we go.
The Brazilian Samba is a great source of inspiration to our dancers but at Samba S:t Olof, we love creating our own unique dance.

Besides having parade costumes from Argentina, we design, sew and create our own costumes. Sequins, feathers, fringes, beads and glitter – we constantly learn how to create amazing costumes and some parents also engage and give a helping hand in their creation.


Our captivating rhythms make people move at parties, make runners lighten their step at marathons and spread joy wherever they play.

The percussion influences come from the samba school in Rio de Janeiro, but unlike many other schools, we have also created “enredos” (percussion songs) with inspiration from artists such as Muse, Enter Shikari, 50 cents, Beyoncé and others.

The modern rhythms make our samba performance captivating at most events where we play.